Updating nuvi umsonst poppen Rostock

POI Factory's camera files continue to work with all of Garmin's automotive navigation units, including their newer models.

POI Files First off, most of us here find the POI Factory's Speed and Redlight Camera files suit our needs and they're free once you earn your windmill (or stars) or a small fee if you want them right away: But for Cyclops, you can download and install the free trial here: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/shop-by-accessories/digital-...

Every model has some good things and some not so good things. Best function is the Red Light Cameras, still amazes me Ones the 30 days trial is over and gone does screw up any other function on your gps?

But if you have the sound and Icon on alert working install from here,on the speed and red light camera,they also should work the same on cyclops right?

Hope we could have unlimited subscription will be excellent.

I just registered for this site and wanted to thank you for the comment about the wave sounds alerts.

In prices, POI factory's are much cheaper more accurate.

My wife continues to use both the Cyclops and POI Factory files since she travels to more of the "hot" spots than I do around northern Ohio and Columbus.

More (if you want other than US/Canada): The free trial of Cyclops will work as long as the file is on your device, but updates can only be gotten with their .99/yr subscription.

Wait I know I subscribed for free safety camera trial and it's fully working on my Nuvi 200W.

Not that I break the traffic laws, but many innocent people have been ticketed unjustly. If you decide to use the POI Files from this site, backup the Cyclops file to your PC if you like then delete it from the Nuvi.

You can create your own wave sounds here for the alerts. Leaving it there may cause double announcements since both files will have the same location. I can customize icons, replace sounds, and they update every week but Cyclops, they charge about .99 to subscribe and they have less functionality like can't customize icons, and alert sounds are just a ding or either dingding.

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